Campaign RULES, International Translation

Topic relativo alla prima campagna online ambientata nell'universo di Kings of War.
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Campaign RULES, International Translation

Post by regina dei gatti » 3 Feb 2011, 19:59

- Campaign Begin: 03/02/2011, Campaign End: 03/06/2011.

What will you need in order to enjoy the Campaign? The only one thing you need is playing one or more Kings of War game, and then post your results.

Who will win the campaign? The army that achieve the highest number of conquered cities will be the victorious.

Which armies could be used? All of the armies having an Official Mantic Games army book. If you want to know more about official armies, please have a look here.

Campaign Background:

Eternity is so long for Immortals of Golden Hall.
Every day flows monotonously, supernatural Creatures are not afraid of sickness or oldness, not even richness or poverty, no joy and no pain.

These Creatures are named with lots of appellations, as much as are their phisical embodiment.
That's the reason why the favourite entertainment of these Elysium inhabitants consits in the continous search of ways for overruning one another, always without expose themselves directly.
This is how races and armies raised, they fight instead of their creators in order to establish which one between them is the strongest.
These Manipulators often work at the creation of new troops, hoping to take by surprise and defeat their eternal enemy.

The story we are gonna live starts in one of these days when, during a party, a slaved, mortal man was brought in front of the Lords of Time for entertaining them.
The servant had to invent a new game for Lords fun.
So, the man drawn the shape of an island with a stick , and thenhe started saying that the island was flowing high in the skyes, between earth and clouds, it would have been a perfect playground for godlike Creatures.

Every Lord would teleport his armies onto flying island, and that would have been the theatre of every battle. Only the victorious army would have been able of coming back home from that place.
When Omnia Voice stopped man's narration by saying that there were no differences between fighting on the earth or on the flying island, the slave become very scared, but with just a whisper he replyed that in the island, armies would have found courage and valor trials.
In order to face their destiny, all of the trials would have been contained into a bottomless pot.
So, Dominators of the Universe would have had to choose their army, and then taken a random trial form endless pot, the result of a completely random extraction like this would have been a balanced battle for envolved armies.
That game was just what the Hand that Hold the World wished, so mortal man was pardoned and was sent back to his family... least for now.


How are campaign points assigend?
Every city is a differente battlefield. In order to establish what army would conquer a city, all of the battles in that place are considered. The conqueror would be the army eith the highest amount of victories for that city.

Suggested table dimensions : 48"X72"

How does the Campaign works :
As told previously, in order to join the campaign the only one thing you to do is to play at least one Kings of War game, and then post the result.
The campaign offer the opportunity of playing completely free, or if you wish, it suggests lots of different scenarios in which your army could be unleashed.
Campaign duration is expected to be at least of 4 months, at the end of that period, the winner of the campaign would be announced.
There are 23 different cities you can choose for your games, they're divided in three categories : 5 Internal Cities, 13 Middle Cities and 5 External Cities.


The only one rule for these cities is that points per army must be lower than 2000 points.

1. Hexpools
2. Krakenheim
3. Littleberg
4. Oakenheart
5. Willip

The only one rule for these cities is that points per army must be higher than 2000 points.

6. Crockport
7. GrabFord
8. Highfolk
9. Irongate
10. Spinecastle

Cities in this group are related to a custom scenario, let's have a look some rows below for proper descriptions.

11. Porto Toli – TWO ARE NOT ENOUGH
13. Bellport – BURIED LAND
15. Eastpass – ALLIES, AT LEAST
16. Havenhill – WHERE ARE THEY ?
17. Thunderstrike – NATURE QUIRKS (Ispired from Orcry's “Campagna a Territori”)
18. Jedbridge – CLASH OF HEROES
19. Loftwick – TEAM BATTLE
20. Schwartzenbruin – ONLY THE BRAVEST
22. Countdown – THE FOURTH DIMENSION (based on a reVenAnt's idea)
23. Outlander – BEYOND REALITY (based on Eumene's & totem's idea)

Scenario Descriptions :

It's a deathmatch battle involving three players. Table side is assigned with a dice, the player that gets the highest value will choose first, and so on.
Deployment zone wpul be 36x12'' for long tablesides, while it would be 48x12'' for short sides.
(Please refer to following schema for clarification).
Victory Condition
The army scoring the highest amount of points, adding the value of all routed unit, wins.

In this scenario, players have to play with the same army, while lists can be different.
Victory Condition
The player that at the end of the battle has the highest number of miniatures onto the battlefield wins.


It's a standard scenario, in which there are NO terrain pieces.
Victory Condition
Same victory conditions for standard "Kill!" scenario

It's a standard scenario, but you have to use AT LEAST 10 terrain pieces.
Victory Condition
Same victory conditions for standard "Kill!" scenario

In this scenario, you have to include at least an allied unit in your army.
Victory Condition
The first player that rout every enemy's allied unit wins.
If it's possile to take more than one armies' unit as allied, for victory purpose will be used the allied with the lowest points sum.

The table must be divided in 6 parts. We suggest to clearly show corners of these parts with some pens.
Deployment works as usual, but before deploying one of your units, roll a dice in order to discover in which square of the table your unit must be deployed. Note that enemies unit could be deployed in the same area, as it's determined randomly.
After that, units can be deployed in two different ways, one in front of the other, or facing backwards.
In the first case, units cannot be placed at a distance lower hen enemies' charge range.
In the second case, there must be at least 1'' between the two units, and deployed unit cannot be able of seeing the enemy.
Models with "Individual" rule must always be deployed facing the enemy.
Please note that this deployment special rule only affects units that would be deployed in the same square.
If it's not possible to deploy one of your unit in a particolar square, roll the dice again in order to determinate a new deployment area.
If all of the squares are already completely filled up, other units aren't unable to take part at the battle.
(Please refer to following picture for more details).
Victory Condition
The player that conquered the highest number of sectors of the battlefield wins.
In order to conquer a square, you have to have more units than your opponent on it. If the number of unit is the same, no points for that square are assigned.


At the beginning of his own turn, every player roll a dice and generate a special event from the following table :
1 Earthquakes: Every unit into an area of 6'' from terrain pieces suffer D6 attacks that wounds with a result of 5+. Take the measurement from the nearest point of involved unit.
2 Pestilence: Mark one of your unit as infected from a poisonous cloud. Infected unit and other units (friendly or enemies) around 6'' suffer D6 attacks that wounds with a result of 5+. Measure the distance from unit's Champion.
3 Relentless Rain: All weapons range is reduced by 4'', and Cavalries cannot receive "At the Double!" order.
4 Fog: Choose one of your units. That unit and all other units around 6'' are considered as they're covered by terrain. amiche o nemiche sono considerate coperte. Measure the distance from unit's Champion.
5 Bright Sky: Choose one of your units, after the movement phase, this unit must be moved directly ahead for 4''.
6 Eclipse/Rainbow: Inspiring vision. Choose one of your units, subtract 1 at the result of next Nerve test for that unit.
Victory Condition
The same as Kings of War rulebook.

Every player have to choose an hero and a troop from his army, then sum their points.
After that, the palyer with the lowest sum value may add other troops or heroes to his army until he reaches a value equal or less than opponent ones.
Finally, the two heroes begin a battle with their own personal guard. The rest of the armies don't take part at the fight.
Victory Condition
First player able of routing enemy hero wins.

Battle between two couples of player, teaming in a single army.
Victory Condition
The same as Kings of War rulebook.

The game starts with both armies halved, rounded up.
Rest of the armies act as reinforcements, and could join the battle after your third turn.
At that moment, roll a dice for every reinforcement unit in order to check if it's able to take part of the battle.
You have to get a 6+ at third turn, 5+ at fourth turn, 4+ at fifth turn, and 3+ at sixth turn.
If a unit wasn't able to join the battle, simply consider it as it was routed, probably they were lost.
Victory Condition
The same as Kings of War rulebook.


Every player have to play with opponent army.
Victory Condition
The same as Kings of War rulebook.

Battle is played usual, with lists and scenario chosen by the players. Also deploy and forts turn of the game work as usual.
Startng from second players' turn, time begins to run out. Whenever a player is playing his turn, the opponent have to check the passing of the time by a watch or a mobile phone.
Every player have to play 6 turns.
Max 2nd turn length is 25 minutes, 3rd ones is 20 minutes, 15 minutes for the 4th, 10 minutes for the 5th, and only 5 minutes for the last one. These values are not affected by points played in army lists, so they would not ever being modified.
If a player managed to complete his turn before max time per turn is reached, good for him. If not, as described in Kings of War rulebook, every action not still completed is denied.
Perhaps, if he hadn't completed Movement phase, all units not still moved cannot move, while if you charged an enemy unit but you wasn't able to solve the melee, simply retreat charging unit by 1'', as if you didn't any damage to enemy unit.
Victory Condition
The same as Kings of War rulebook.

Played are allowed to play wiht unoffical Kings of War army lists.
Victory Condition
The same as Kings of War rulebook.

1. CHOOSE the city you'd like to conquer.
2. PLAY the battle.
3. SUBMIT your results following THIS TEMPLATE

If you have any doubt concerning the campaign, perplexity about scenarios etc, don't hexitate about posting your questions in this topic.


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